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What a beautiful little Café! We went in not knowing what to expect and WOW! The ambiance here is amazing with a bunch of chandeliers, old school couches, prints, brick wall, and delicious menu items. The employees working there were so friendly and helped picking out our drinks..

— Karina B

Absolutely LOVE this place. Whether I’m here to work or just to hang out, I’m here almost every single day. The coffee is delicious. The pastries/food are excellent. The staff are incredibly kind and caring. Every box is ticked. Whether you’re a local or you’re driving on through the St. George area, I highly recommend you take a moment come on in and feel the love at Café FeelLove! ❤️

— Miles R

Their avocado toast is NEXT LEVEL. The balsamic glaze they put on top is soo good. Also, it’s got a really great like bakery vibe which was really enjoyable. My wife absolutely loved their waffles too. I have no idea how anyone gave this place less than 5, because it is top 5 best breakfasts I’ve ever had.

— Renato V

Absolutely incredible experience. They have vegan, keto, and gluten free options. Delicious and satisfying. It seems everything is house made. Extensive selection of incredible coffee drinks. The menu can seem overwhelming at first but the staff is knowledgeable and helpful. Nice vibe. Good people. So welcoming and I can really feel the love.

— Christopher S

The energy is unreal. It's definitely my type of vibe and the food, is just as good. I've been a fan of their Riverside Drive location for years, and now I can add this one to my FAVS list. Avocado toast will always have my heart, and you really can't go wrong with any kind of bev to pair it with. I'll definitely be back!

— Ashlee V

Wow! Absolutely beautiful location with some of the best coffee I have had in the US. The white mocha cold brew is to die for! Customer service is unmatched. Ashley was so nice and accommodating while I was looking through the menu. If you’re traveling through St George, make sure you stop here if you’re wanting a full experience. Thank you Ashley & Cafe Feel Love!

— Robert S




2 W St George Blvd
St. George, Utah 84790