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Locations in St. George Utah, Springdale, Loveland CO and many more to come!

Artisan Espresso and Coffee. Master blended teas. Parisian Pastries. Organic, vegan and gluten free drink and food options. Brunch (Vegan Options)

“FeelLove Coffee is new to the Zion area and if you are a coffee lover then this is where you should plan to stop in each morning! Their artisan menu included delicious lattes with uniquely combined flavors such as lavender, vanilla, and honey infused into the perfect morning treat. I rewarded myself with a different latte and pastry each morning after my hikes.

Everything I tried was amazing!

“FeelLove Coffee in St.George is a good bean brew in a great setting. The coffee is so great and there are so many options to choose from, never disappointing.

Every drink is made to perfection and all food items are made in-house.”

“FeelLove Coffee is a coffee lover’s paradise. Its delicious artisan espresso and tantalizing blended coffee creations attract self-proclaimed coffee connoisseurs from all over Utah. And there’s no wonder why..”

“As soon as you walk in the mouth-watering aroma of premium coffee flies up the canals of your unsuspecting nose. The menu is stuffed full of delicious and carefully crafted lattes with uniquely combined flavors such as lavender, vanilla, and honey-infused. This hip coffee joint surely knows what it’s doing.”

“Their mission statement proudly announces that there is “magic in every cup.” It’s part of their logo, it’s printed on every cup, and every barista’s apron is adorned with it too. Too bad their claim to fame is a lie. There isn’t magic in every cup, rather there is magic in everything at FeelLove Coffee.

Delicious espresso, lovely flavor, and rich atmosphere, Feel Love Coffee was a delightful place to have your perfect morning cup of coffee. The view was beautiful, the service was excellent, and the theme was stylish and vintage. With flavors and experience being a 5/5, I will definitely be visiting Feel Love Coffee again.

— Savanna R

I fell in love with this coffee shop the moment I walked in! Probably one of the cutest spots I’ve seen so far! Everything looks so perfect in this place, the decor, the vintage mirrors, the lighting, all the beautiful plants around and the kind and sweet staff! Of course the coffee is great too! 🙂 Do try the soulmate mocha, it taste delicious!

— Anusha B

St George has a hip cafe with really great coffee?! I didn’t believe it until my recent visit, and I wondered where the hell this was during my college days here. The coffee is great, and the food is wonderful. I never expected to be eating a perfectly executed croque madame at a really cool cafe in st George. Go here!

— James S

THE best coffee I’ve had in Utah! Such a beautiful space, 💕so inviting , friendly service and gorgeous decor! Will definitely be my go-to each time I visit !

— Julie C

Lovely and charming environment, great selection of gluten free and vegan options. It’s popular so there can be a slight wait, but we’ll worth it, plan accordingly. The staff was very friendly, highly recommend the cowboy avocado toast, breakfast burrito and all drinks!

— Lisi L

This has got to be the best coffee/ tea shop I have ever been to. Stopped here with my parents on our road trip from SLC to LA and genuinely this made my entire trip better. The lattes were amazing and had so many options for everyone and their pastries also had a lot of variety with super good GF and vegan options as well!! The staff was also super accommodating and I Wish I could travel here all the time <3

— Katya P